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Service Area: We provide complete service solutions to the following areas: Lexington, Thomasville, High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and surrounding areas.

Scheduling Service: Contact Our Office - 336-476-8032

Costs:  Receiving a bill from a plumbing contractor can be a frustrating experience for anyone.  The fact that one service rep was at your home for 1 hr might be obvious, but what you can't see is the behind the scenes effort it takes to manage, schedule, stock and maintain a service business.  These costs are numerous and unavoidable and if they are not passed on to our customers, we could not remain in business.  This is why we believe that TRUST is the number one factor in customer satisfaction.  By having an open pricing structure, we can help address your concerns and help you anticipate costs for service repair. 

How We Bill: Billable time begins when our service rep is dispatched from our office or the previous job.  The trucks are stocked with most items needed for general repairs but upon inspection, it may be necessary to go out for replacement parts.  As a general rule, the employee is paid for this time and it is treated as billable. The billable time ends when our employee has finished the work and left the jobsite.  Service employees are not able to submit bills, as they must be inspected for accuracy by the office manager.

Rate: We have recently inspected and modified our rate structure to help provide a more uniform billing pollicy.  Our rate structure varies by location to help offset the costs of transportation.  We have a flat rate for the first hour (or portion of hour) followed by fixed a rate of $30.00 for each additional half-hour.  (see table below for pricing)

Location1st hour
High Point

Estimate: Listed below you will find some common problems and estimated time to repair them.  These numbers are for general reference only.  All repairs are billed by actual time.

ProblemRepair Time
Dripping Faucet
Faucet Replacement (no information provided)
Faucet Replacement (size and model known)
Running Toilet
Water Heater Repair
Water Heater Replacement (size and model known)
Water Heater Replacement (no information provided)
< 1hr
1 - 2hr
< 1hr
< 1hr
1 - 1.5hr
1 - 2.5hr
2 - 4 hr

Working on blocked sewer lines can be time consuming. Not only does the blockage need to be located and removed, but in older homes, these blockages are usually a result of sub-standard plumbing and can lead to extensive repairs.  We will provide estimates when required; however, all service work is billed by actual job time.

Warranty:  We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.  Our 1 yr warranty covers any new fixtures that we install as well as a guarantee of quality workmanship.  If for any reason you feel that we have not performed workmanship that exceeds your expectations, we want to hear about it!